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Tinkerbell Gets Seen To By The Midwife

It was time for a routine visit by the Midwife and she arrived at Tinkerbell’s place exactly on time. Tinky was delighted, about being seen to by such a sumptuous and sexy young nurse and they got straight on with the examination. First procedure was to de-restrict Tinkerbell’s urethra, using a special peephole syringe. This was pushed in and out, until Tinky’s urethra was cleared and her warm yellow urine was flowing again freely. Nursy had to then give Tinkerbell’s vagina a most thorough internal inspection, testing how well her pussy was healing from the stitches she was given at . Tinky was in sexual heaven, as she could feel the gorgeous Midwife pushing her whole hand further and further up inside and then sensually working it in and out. Tinky’s cunny was gaping wide open, after the Midwife had eventually brought her off to a very erotic climax. Next, it was Tinkerbell’s turn to get a taste of the amazing Midwife’s sweet and very moist pussy. She was extremely eager by this time and could hardly wait!

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Duration: 33:56
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